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March 22, 2021

The most sustainable yoga props in the world

In yin yoga, we use props to help create and reach sensation. Our YinSide yoga props are the most sustainable yoga props in the world, designed with purpose and intention using the highest-grade, most suitable and sustainable fabrics for the products’ purpose.

The most sustainable yoga props in the world, lovingly created to:

  • assist your practice
  • guide sensation
  • be a prop that feels right, inside and out


Grounded yoga mat

Our sustainable Grounded yoga mat combines earth friendly materials to create a perfectly sustainable, lightweight prop. Feel totally grounded as you flow on your mat knowing there’s no PVC, no harm in its creation, and that it will fully return to nature.

The base of TPE – a fully recyclable and biodegradable sustainable alternative to rubber, that is both impressively durable and waterproof.

The top of cork – another totally biodegradable and all-natural material with sustainable production and harvesting, that feels great under your practise, wherever you choose to roll me out and flow!

Lift cork block

The sustainable Lift cork block, for its versatility, and earth-friendly properties, is an all-rounder, and yogis’ essential prop.

We love cork for its earth-friendly, completely renewable and sustainable production methods. Cork harvesting does not involve complete cutting down of the tree, and is therefore a kinder and more sustainable process.

A fun fact – harvested cork trees absorb 3-5 times more CO2 than no-harvested trees!  

Yoga bolsters; Classic and Mini size

Our earth-loving yogis’ choice of sustainable yoga prop is our Classic, or Release Mini Bolster.

Totally unique and signature to YinSide, this bolster is hands down the most sustainable yoga bolster in the world.

The stuffing is harvested here in Indonesia, and known as ‘Kapok’. It is a natural fluff, or ‘floss’, that pops out of large seed pods as they fall from the Kapok trees, which grow commonly throughout the tropics. This fibre is super silky soft and gives the perfect firm-filling to our environmentally friendly bolsters.

A cotton case encapsulates the Kapok before an outer casing of Ramie, a highly durable linen alternative made from grasses. Ramie-yielding plants are native to, and first cultivated in Eastern Asia further keeping production and sourcing local. Our Ramie is then plant-dyed to its signature YinSide hues.

Simplicity yoga strap 

This sustainable Simplicity yoga strap is a yoga-essential. Simply cotton canvas and brass rings (no plastic here..!), your YinSide yoga strap will hold and support all your shapes and wherever your practice takes you. 

We love cotton for its renewable and biodegradable properties, strength and durability, and eco-luxe feel for this function. 

Aside from using the most sustainable methods and materials to create, all of our products are designed with longevity and multi-purpose. 

Essentially and intentionally an optimised closed-loop life cycle, your YinSide yoga prop will support your practice for as long as and in all the ways it can, and return lovingly to the earth.

Sounds like you’ve found the perfect Yoga Props for your Sustainable yoga practice? Click here to shop the collection… the only challenge? choosing the perfect colour!

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