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March 8, 2021

The plant-based fabrics we use

With our values rooted in nature and sustainability, everything you will find at YinSide is created with kindness. This means we ONLY use plant-based fabrics. Seeking out only the highest-grade and most suitable sustainable fabrics for the products’ purpose.

Our 3 key plant-based fabrics are Tencel, Modal and Ramie.

What’s not to love?!  – Comfortable fabrics that are:

  • kind to the planet
  • kind to your skin
  • naturally breathable
  • sustainably produced

The highlight of plant-based fabrics for your yoga practice? Their botanic origin makes them naturally unfavourable for bacterial growth and/or antimicrobial, biodegradable. (oh and did I say SOFT? Cough cough Signature Collection..)

So, lets get into it!


What is Tencel?

Pronounced “ten-chel”. Tencel is a brand of sustainable fabric, made from wood pulp- namely from Eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus trees are easily farmed and do not require large amounts of pesticides. The process from pulp to fibre uses 100% renewable energy and organic solvents using an entirely closed-loop process.

Why do we love Tencel?

Aside from its environmental credentials (low use of process resources; water, energy and chemicals), Tencel fabric is gentle on skin, highly breathable and strong. Even better, Tencel can be mixed with all kinds of fibres to create a whole range of fabrics. We love the way it drapes and holds our signature colour plant dyes.

Our YinSide products using Tencel:

In production – coming soon!


What is Modal?

Modal is a plant-based, sustainable fibre entirely made from Beechwood tree pulp. This cellulosic pulp is spun into tiny fibres, which are woven to create the Modal fabric. As with Tencel, other fibres such as cotton or spandex can be woven in to create different properties for the material.

Why do we love Modal?

Modal and it’s variants have all the similar properties of Tencel. As well as it’s carbon neutral production; Modal is breathable and antimicrobial. So it is perfect for your yoga wear! Specifically known for being a slightly lighter and finer material, Micro Modal is especially loved for it’s exquisite softness and luxury texture! Have you ever felt Modal fabric?

Our YinSide products using Modal:

Our Signature Collection of athleisure wear; the Essence bra and pants, the Embrace bralet and leggings, and the Effortless tank and leggings.


What is Ramie?

Ramie is a nettle-related species plant; also known as China Grass. The plant is used to create a cellulosic pulp, from which Ramie fibres are spun. This plant-based fabric becomes a lightweight and breathable, linen-feeling material. This makes it perfect for warmer climates. Ramie is naturally originated therefore 100% biodegradable.

Why do we love Ramie?

Ramie is known for it’s immense strength and durability. Often compared to linen, though twice as strong, it’s also resistant to shrinkage and harsh creasing. We love it for our yoga products for it’s resistance microbial growth, insects and mildew.

Ramie plants grow locally in Indonesia. The plants need much less water than cotton to grow, and grow easily without the use of pesticides. The conclusion is a cleaner, greener (as well as cheaper) alternative to linen!

Our YinSide products using Ramie:

Our Classic Yoga Bolster and Release Mini Bolsters, the Daydream Eye Pillow. As well as our Canggu jacket and Uluwatu jacket!

PS: we also use our offcuts to make our zero-waste accessories.

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