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March 1, 2021

What is YinSide Yin Yoga?

From the Founder: Yin Yoga A Journey YinSide

The YINtroduction…pun intended* -I wish you could see the smile on my face as I wrote that! There’s Yin Yoga, then there’s YinSide Yin Yoga…

Welcoming you to a personal (y)insight to what YinSide Yin Yoga is, and how we can inspire your practice (and your Earth Friendly lifestyle) with a gaze through the softer side of the yoga lens; turning the focus inside.

*sidenote: yin puns are my thing.. if they’re not lighting you up yet? I have absolute faith you’ll be yinspired by the end of this post. (Not sorry)

and that leads me to the name quite smoothly…

why the name ‘yinside’? 

-the name comes from the culmination of simplest form of what we believe YIN yoga is:

“a journey (y)inside…”

*and that’s where the love for Yin Puns began…

So YES -as with all practices of yoga there are the clear and proven physical benefits. (More about that in “what is yin yoga”)

Also YES -Yin Yoga has its own special blend of delivering health and flexibility to your body… which IS a journey in itself -the internal journey. Y -inside.. 

Soooo then… what IS the journey YinSide? Discovering The Yoga…

Yin Yoga is rooted in stillness; Less of the ‘doing’, means more of the ‘feeling’.

Once I started a regular Yin Yoga practice, I discovered a whole new awareness of the more subtle sensations and connections I was receiving… 

When we spend more time in stillness, there are sensations and shifts that don’t necessarily feel ‘physical’… but more subtle.

Time in stillness = Awareness – Observation – Connection

The subtle benefits of Yin Yoga

These subtle observations can be as simple as: 

  • Noticing your thoughts, memories, dreams
  • Becoming more aware of subtle energetic sensations
  • Feeling all kinds of strong emotions
  • Connecting to inner conversations 

-and in all of this we receive a deeper understanding of who we really are.

Holding Space

This is the space we gift ourselves with a yin yoga practice, it enables us to turn our attention and awareness to the inner notion of ‘self’.  A gentle way to observe and consider your internal conversations and energetic landscape with a renewed sense of curiosity.

Yin Yoga is a beautiful tool to reconnect to yourself, and to a community of humans on the same journey

The unique space we find in regular yin yoga practice, is a container for connection.

REconnection to all that is ‘you’ -inside…

Connection to all that is already there, but often unnoticed or buried under all the layers of distraction and doing.  -and if you find it hard to be still? THAT’S when you need it most! 

*note it’s called a ‘practice’, because that’s what it takes; so be patient with yourself.

Connecting to community through yin yoga you’ll discover a truly unique experience.

There is something quite magical in joining a yin practice in a safe, held space.  A space where yoga isn’t about what you can do, but what you feel. -it’s the yoga term I hate to love ‘holding space’…and trust me, you’ll feel it when you enter a space prepared for yin yoga.

What to expect in a YinSide Yin Yoga class experience?

You can expect to see soft light, cosy blankets, soft cushions and bolsters -maybe even some eye pillows… sounds dreamy? -Now add some soothing music, a drifting scent of incense and sage and a welcoming smile from an experienced teacher (that’s me) who can’t wait to guide you through a journey YinSide…

One of the most important things for me in guiding YinSide Yoga experience, is to make you feel safe. In safety, there is welcoming like a soft sigh from the heart.

I like to describe YinSide Yin Yoga, as the feeling of coming home; which essentially IS you -returning to you.

In the comforting notion of a held space, there is safety to truly release and surrender to all of it – even the tough stuff; and there is always tough stuff.

Welcoming all of it, without judgement is something a yin practice can truly teach you.

To sum it up? That is YinSide Yin Yoga.

It’s a gentle invitation to explore more of who you are; and to welcome it, in all it’s beauty.

My biggest personal wish through YinSide? -to share this beautiful practice and all the benefits that transformed my life; I found -what I like to call my ‘Soul Smiles’, and I can’t wait to yintroduce you to yours!

With love from Bali,

Hayley Wenn

Self appointed ‘Creator of Calm’

CEO YinSide Yoga Bali

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