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February 8, 2021

Yin Yoga, The Eco Brand and The Why

Hello, and a warm welcome to YinSide Yoga Bali! We love that you’re here -and you’re in the right place to discover more about us… YinSide Yin Yoga and the Bali Eco Brand.

The essence of YinSide Yoga is firmly rooted in sharing the beautiful practice and benefits of Yin Yoga. Everything we do, and create is with simplicity, ease and kindness.

Who are we?

We are a small dedicated business delivering Yin Yoga experiences through retreats, classes and events.  We have recently expanded to launch our own store of Earth Friendly yoga and lifestyle product located in Uluwatu, Bali. (also available online with Worldwide Shipping)

What do we do?

Our YinSide Yoga Retreats are expertly created transformative journeys, to connect you to your (y)inspiration; and guide you back to your Soul Smiles. Bali has so much beauty to explore, it won’t just be your practice you discover more of on your blissful week with like-minded souls, on the Island of The Gods.

Our Yin Yoga Classes in Bali are all about simplicity and sensation. Your practice is about you; and the way you experience your time on the mat is our focus; 

  • Discover sensation and calm in the simplicity of Yin Yoga
  • Effortless movement to cultivate an environment to experience profound awareness of your internal landscape
  • Connection to the simplest essence of the present moment.

Our Yin Yoga Events are a chance for you to experience the magic of Yin Yoga alongside complimentary collaborations like Live Acoustic Sound, Crystal Healing, Balancing Reiki…

Hint: we mostly run our events around New Moon and Full Moons. Stay in touch via Instagram for our upcoming dates and locations.

Our Creative Workshops based at the concept store in Bingin, South Bali are a (y)invitation for you to discover areas of yourself with us. We love to create with our community, if that’s sage bundles, sustainable seashell Christmas decorations, macrame yoga mat straps -everyone is welcome to create with YinSide.

In our Bali Concept Store, you will find all the yoga and lifestyle essentials, inspired by nature and always handmade with love in Bali. You can roll out a mat and try our products in store, the concept experience we love to guide as you try.

YinSide Yoga is making tracks in guaranteeing sustainable fashion; pioneering plant based fabrics and dedicating research from source to sale. to make your conscious choices easier as a consumer.


We are committed to creating and developing products that support your yoga lifestyle, our products not only look great – but they feel great too.

Whether you wear them for your yoga practice, to the beach or on the sofa on Sundays – the feels are always the focus. This resonates from our intention with creating classes and retreats, through to every product we create.

How you feel is our focus. Don’t believe us? -check out our online store to see how each of our pieces is named for the (y)intentional feeling it creates.

YinSide Yoga sustainable essentials are designed for yoga by yoga professionals; who know exactly what a great yoga product is. Creating with quality in every aspect of our products, a style you will love and transparency that you can trust.

Our YinSide Style, is all about simplicity – so you can style it how you like…

the best accessory? Is always a smile...

Hayley Wenn -YinSide Founder

In true Yin Yoga style, we believe in slow fashion – quality over quantity.  Producing small quantities is always our plan, reducing waste on every production order is a priority. We created a collection just for this Zero Waste promise; accessories made only from our production fabric ends.

We are here to make your conscious decisions easy. There are no corners cut, or compromise on quality; we can guarantee that every YinSide product has been created, and produced with the utmost care and attention to detail.

We want you to feel good, not only wearing or using your items – but about buying them too.


The essence of sustainability can really be found in simplicity, ease and kindness.

We value simplicity; our style supports a “less is more” approach. Our classes and retreats deliver simplicity at its essence, allowing you to shine. Simplicity carries through to the design of our products -with multiple functions and styles to encourage a minimal, slow-use movement.

Equally, we value transparency. We will always be honest with you, we want you to be conscious in your purchasing power. Therefore, we will always inform you appropriately and responsibly; providing ease and trust in your purchases from YinSide.

Ease to choose, ease to breathe, ease to flow. In our retreats, classes, and products.

We value kindness in all its forms. Our clothes are designed to be kind to the environment and your lifestyle. We are here to support, (Y)inSide and out; your life, our local economy and community, with conscious kindness to the planet and environment.


YinSide Yoga strives to encourage a conscious future, acknowledging that the future starts with you being conscious. We are here to support your journey YinSide to exploring yourself, and discovering conscious possibility, be that within yourself, in the purchases you make and the life you create.

In their (y)intentional design, sourcing and production, the YinSide lifestyle and products are part of the future of sustainable growth.

We actively encourage and support the movement in sustainable fashion in multiple ways. We seek pioneering innovation through the use of new plant-based and Earth Friendly fabrics; materials that are continually being developed, to create your ethical, long-lasting favourites and essentials. 

The future of fashion is circular; YinSide products hold the quality to support an active cycle in society – with maximum value retention. All of our Earth Friendly products can be returned safely to the biosphere when they are no longer of use.

We are a small business, without the wish to compete with global production scales, or adding to fast fashion consumption. By making small quantities we guarantee we overproduce, with our small-batch orders, you can trust the quality of each hand checked garment which ensures a long life with you.


Why do we do it? It’s all about YOU. Our purpose is to support you, to inspire your practice, your choices, and your Earth Friendly lifestyle.

Your Soul Smiles are more valuable when they’re shining from YinSide, that’s the Smile that explodes from you heart… and seeing those smiles? That’s our why.

What made you smile today?

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