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take a journey (y)inside and follow our story-as we explore the World of Yin Yoga and True Sustainability in the wellness industry.
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Delving into the layers of Yin Yoga Practice is a way to become more aware of what you receive during your time on the mat.

What started with an idea -grew very rapidly into the foundation of YinSide Yoga – the props and products to support your yoga practice, and eventually expanded to encompass the Signature Yoga wear and lifestyle apparel.
“If I was searching for these products, with the Earth Friendly ethos at the heart of my wishlist… surely other people were searching too?”

You’ve heard about Yin Yoga, and you’re here reading this -so you’re intrigued, and you are in the right place!
“Everything has an opposite -light and dark, hard and soft, hot and cold -this is the balance of the universe and without one, there cannot be another.”